About Us

Premium Chaga is a USA company.

We exclusively import, formulate and manufacture our products here in the United States, with our processing done to EU standards out of Europe.

We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality Chaga Mushrom products to web.

Premium Chaga’s staff of professionals continues to study modern clinical research from around the world to improve formulations and manufacture the finest natural products available, by applying modern scientific discoveries to maximize the healing powers of nutritional supplements, herbs and skin care products.

Premium Chaga products are energetically balanced and follow stringent European pharmaceutical grade manufacturing standards for safety including full disclosure about the products including suggested use, warnings, cautions and safety that are required by European regulations and attaches this required information to the products.


Customer Service is our #1 priority. Feel free to contact us through our contact form, email us at contactus@premiumchaga.com or give us a call at 1-801-810-6767.

Have a great day,

Premium Chaga