Do you use hot water or alcohol extract?

• Premium Chagas state of the art extraction techniques  are set up using only pure grain alcohol. After the Chaga mushroom is extracted and filtered the herbal liquid is concentrated using state of the art low heat/low vacuum concentrators. Premium Chagas Wildcrafted Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract is made using historically proven methods.

What about structured water?

• Medical studies from all around the world have been done on Chaga Mushroom using alcohol extract. Structured water had never been used in any of the historical studies and data completed on Siberian Chaga Mushroom.

Why is does alcohol provide for the most powerful Siberian Chaga Mushroom extract?

There are 3 clinically proven reasons.

  1. Alcohol is the best at extracting naturally occuring elements in Siberian Chaga Mushroom due to its low solubility.
  2. Alcohol acts as a preservative, maintaining longer cell integrity and ionization.
  3. Alcohol acts as a carrier across mucous membranes, facilitating faster absorption into the bloodstream.

Japan Clinical Study:

Alcohol Extract is more powerful than water. Hot water (50 degrees C, 70 degrees C, and 80 degrees C) and ethanol extracts of Chaga Mushroom were investigated. Among the four extracts, the ethanol extract (EE) exhibited the strongest SOD-like activity and antiproliferative effect on DLD-1 cells. Reference: Clinical Study from Graduate School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Tsukuba, Tsukuba 305-8572, Japan. Hu H, Zhang Z, Lei Z, Yang Y, Sugiura N. 2009 Jan; 107(1):42-8.

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